We develop Artificial Intelligence for companies.

Building a competitive advantage with the integration of Artificial Intelligence in your business.

We help you at all stages of the process. Starting with AI opportunity discovery and software development all the way to training your team. Due to our open development process you maintain full control and we make sure that you can benefit from Artificial Intelligence independently and in the long term.

AI Screening

During a cost-free and open discussion Hellsicht introduces you to the potential benefits of AI. Together with our experts you discover and discuss which tailored application adds the most value to your business.

AI Development

We provide a dedicated AI team and do the development for you. With our open development process we make sure that you have full control over the entire project.


Build up your own knowledge. With our series of tailored workshops your teams learns exactly what it needs to use the most relevant AI algorithms for your use case.



We are happy to work with different departments in your organization.

Data Science Teams

Do you have your own dedicated data science team? We love to support their efforts to avoid development bottlenecks or update their knowledge in customized workshops.

IT-specialists and Engineers

If there is no specialized data science or machine learning know-how available, we reliably work together with your IT and engineering staff and introduce them to the new technology. This way your organization seamlessly picks up the necessary knowledge to stay in full control of your projects.


By introducing you to the high level applications and business opportunities of AI we enable your management team to efficiently make the best possible decision about your organizations AI strategy to create the most value.


Interested in what improvement potential AI has in your company? We are looking forward to a first meeting with you!