Our Approach

In four steps we move from opportunity discovery to project development

Step 1

Recognize opportunities

First we evaluate in a meeting what data basis exists and which technical and economic/commercial opportunities exist with it. This step does not require a concrete project idea nor prior knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and is completely free of charge.

Step 2


We help you to select a small test data set on which we develop a test application to prove feasibility and added value of the planned application. Our team and in-house software is specialized for fast prototyping to find the most valuable applications as quickly and cost-efficient as possible. We are able to present first results within a few days.

Step 3

Project Development

Option 1: Hellsicht takes on the development

You don’t need your own in-house data science team to get started with AI. Our developers are happy to implement the project on your behalf. Due to our open development process we are fully transparent and you can adjust milestones along the way. In this step you have a personal contact person which directly takes care of your project.

Option 2: Hellsicht supports your development team

If you already have an in-house data science team, we pull together to reach your goals as fast as possible. We either directly support you with the development or update your teams knowledge with a series of tailed workshop.

Step 4


Independent of what project path you chose, Hellsicht supports you after the development is finished. Either through software upgrades or additional workshops to increase your organizations AI maturity.