AI Workshops

Tailored Sessions

You already know which training your team requires? Great! But even if not we help you to define your goals and create an individual workshop tailored to your needs.

Through our tailored workshops you learn efficiently exactly what you need to solve your projects.

Build long term AI competence in your company

Benefit from our knowledge from over 30 Machine Learning projects and use cases.

Your goals

Let us know what you hope to achieve in your training! In a first, non-committal meeting we convert your ideas in concrete goals for the sessions.

Your Workshops

We tailor our training specifically to your goals and needs and therefore assure optimal Results.

Full Support

With our mentoring programm we support your freshly trained team in the implementation of your first projects.


We support you with the ideal workshop for your company

Deep Learning for computer vision

Modern computer Vision utilized highly complex Deep Learning models to achieve outstanding performance. In this workshop we train you on how to develop these systems to fit your individual challenges.

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Python for beginners

Python is the programming language of the Machine Learning community. Learn the necessary basics.

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Machine Learning for engineers

Machine Learning is the most important development in digital value creation and allows for cheaper and more efficient production processes. In this workshop you learn the basics that are necessary to integrate this key technology in your company.

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Deep Learning for data scientists

This Workshop is geared towards data scientists who want to improve their skills in the area of artificial intelligence. Learn the cutting edge developments in AI and how to utilize them efficiently.

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AI for management

AI Projects differ greatly in project planning and implementation from conventional software development. We train your management team to recognize new opportunities and successfully manage new AI projects.

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