About us

Our core team

Niklas Köhler


Niklas, CEO of Hellsicht, sets the direction and culture of Hellsicht. With his master’s degree in physics and multiple top placements in some of the biggest data science competitions worldwide he is right at the heart of the international AI-research and therefore enables Hellsichts partners clear access to this innovative technology.

Florian Hendrich


As CTO of Hellsicht, Florian sets his goals on solving complex challenges using machine learning as well as directing Hellsichts technology strategy. Even prior to Hellsicht Florian established himself as one of the best data scientists in Europe through his academic work and his success in international data science competitions.

Raffael Köhler


In his Role as COO of Hellsicht, Raffael is responsible for a number of different tasks - including marketing, sales and strategic planning. Besides his law studies Raffael recognized through his vast network the value of AI in different use cases and industry sectors.

International comparison

Award winning team

Our Team constantly proves through various data science competitions that it belongs to the best in the world.

Data Science Bowl 2017

Can you improve lung cancer detection?

Prize winner and best German team in one of the biggest data science competitions of all time. ($1 Mio. prize pool, 10.000+ competing data scientists)

Otto Group Product Classification Challenge

Classification of over 200,000 products

Top 10 placement in a data science competition with about 4000 competing data scientist from all around the world.

Second annual Datascience Bowl

Transforming How We Diagnose Heart Disease

Top 10 placement with over 900 competing data scientists.

Avazu Click-Through Rate Prediction

Predict whether a mobile ad will be clicked

Top 5% placement with over 1900 competing data scientists.

About us

This is what we ensure

Client Enablement

We directly support you with building up your in-house AI knowledge to ensure that you benefit from AI independently and in the long term.

No Black Box

We build open applications and you have full access to the source code, which gives you full control over the developed solution at all stages.

Extensive Experience

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool. Nonetheless, it does not solve everything.
Avoid delays while planning and realize projects with little success rates. Profit from our long-standing experience and immediately focus on projects where you create the most value.


Don’t lose time. Our opportunity discovery screening can start immediately - our experienced team is ready within days.

High flexibility

Due to the complex nature of AI algorithms projects sometimes need to be adjusted on the way. Our open and flexible development strategy allows you to reach your goals as efficient as possible.